‘I just want to also say how much my little world has started to open up since I started coming to the changing habits course! I thought I was just going to viagra overdose try and find motivation to eat well and maybe loose a bit of weight but it’s turned into a whole other journey for me and I’m excited! You are doing great things Satyam!’

Ramesh ji

I am writing just to “Thank You” for making such wonderful quality products. I especially love-love-love “Satyam, for the healthy Indian heart”, the taste is the best, it satisfies. Thank you again — from one grateful customer.


I love this mustard oil! A nutritious and delicious element of my diet. I have been a fan for 7 years and recommend your products to customers at the co-op where I work! Thanks for the good work

gopal sharma

Satyam was an absolute delight from its elegant. its attentive service and beautifully presenting mustard oil. Great food, best I’ve had in My Home and great stuff with Satyam ”


Before starting my journey with Satyam, I had general low energy every day . Each morning I woke up tired and was lethargic for most of the day. I also experienced constant weekness in my body. As a nurse in a busy hospital and working shift work, these negative symptoms were greatly affecting my ability to live and enjoy life. Each day was a struggle. After starting on this way of life with satyam ,I now wake up feeling refreshed and energised and I have energy to get through my busy day. I have also not experienced ANY weekness in my body at all. I honestly enjoy eating the healthy mustard oil that Satyam promotes and I now have enough energy to exercise and to actually enjoy it! I feel great and I am very thankful for having met Satyam and being encouraged on this journey


Thank you for your quality products. My children feel much closer to normal (as they say) now that they can enjoy some of the same things their friends eat. We are loving the food we made using Sataym’s mustard oil

shushila ji

My daughter and I ate what I consider is the best Indian meal I have ever eaten. The food was excellent, This is possibly the best Indian oil company. Food excellent. Service excellent. Ambience excellent. Enough said.