At every stage of production, we endeavor to provide high quality products at the most reasonable prices to our prestigious clients.We have our own backward integration facility like Injection molding machine for packing material like HDPE Cans, Pet Bottles, and Caps etc. for all our packing containers units. The Company has its own unit in Baddi, which produces Plastic Preforms of wide variety. These preforms are used for blowing Pet Bottles for packing Mustard Oil and are supplied to various companies making Mineral Water, Soda, juices etc and are also extensively used by the Pharmaceutical Industry. Cans and Jars of 2, 5, & 15 liter are also made in house. Utmost care is taken to fabricate the packing material from the finest raw material conforming to International Standards.

Contract Manufacturing for private labels

Whether you require 1,000 units or 100,000 units, our private label program may be the answer for you.


Company is having its own transportation system, which also reduces costs & helps in timely availability of goods at all places including raw & finished goods. Company has all sorts of vehicles like 3 wheeler (for retail deliveries) LCV’s, MCV’s, HTV’s and Tankers.

The company is also a proud Member of NCDEX (National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited).

We constantly strive to achieve greater heights through innovation, rigorous research, value-added services, product development and also by venturing into new competitive markets.

We understand the importance of quality relationship with customers and suppliers. We believe in long term win-win associations and are committed to the growth of the mustard oil producing industry.