Mustard oil is considered to be an oil that has low saturated fat as compared to other cooking oils. It basically consists of fatty acid, oleic acid, erucic acid and linoleic acid. It has antioxidant and cholesterol reducing properties. It is also loaded with essential vitamins. Though this oil is nutty tasting it is good for heart and also has many other benefits. Following are some of its advantages:

  • Helps to stay away from coronary heart diseases
  • Helps to detoxify human body
  • Helps to reduce hair fall through improved blood circulation if it is massaged on scalp
  • Stimulates digestion, circulation and excretory system
  • Helps preventing fungal growth, thus it can be used as anti-fungal
  • Helps making immune system strong
  • Protects teeth from germs if rubbed on gums and make gums strong
  • Organic mustard oil helps preventing cancer and is also helpful for slowing down the ageing process
  • Helps stimulating sweat glands and helps lowering body temperature