SATYAM BRAND (Regd.)Agmark 1ST Grade Kachhi Ghani, Pure Kohlu Mustard Oil Is Made From The First Press Of The Mustard In The Traditional Way By Slowly Crushing. The Best Mustard Seeds In A Temperature Controlled Environment To Retain Its Pungency And Natural Properties. This Taste Is Preserved By Extracting Oil At Slow Speed And At Low Temperature In Wooden Casks Called “Ghani”. Its High Pungency Level Enhances The Taste Of The Food Cooked In It & Helps Stimulate Your Appetite. It Also Helps In Keeping Pickles Fresh For A Longer Duration While Retaining Their Traditional Flavor. Mustard Oil: Having very low fatty acid, acid value good for heart, Helps maintains low blood cholesterol in the body. Very good for making dishes, spicy and aromatic food etc.

We as Shree GRG Oil Mill manufacture only a single quality which selling in market only in a single brand name SATYAM Brand. Our brand is certified with “Agmark” the hallmark of Indian quality standards in edible products. Mustard Oils are liked for their highly pungent taste. This pungent taste is caused by the presence of Allyl Isothiocynate that is present in mustard seeds grown in India. Mustard oil has about 60% monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), 21% polyunsaturated fats (PUFA) and about 12% saturated fats. A higher amount of MUFA and PUFA distinguishes it from other types of fats. These fatty acids are also called “good fats” as they do not get deposited on arterial walls. Mustard oil contains Glucosinolate, which basically works against microbes and adds on to the oil’s health benefits.

Health Benefits of Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil

· Antibacterial, Antifungal and Anti-inflammatory Action: Mustard oil has got an antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory action as well. The antibacterial and antifungal properties work well against rashes and skin infections. Its anti-inflammatory properties help in easing the condition of Irritable bowel syndrome by reducing the inflammation in lining of the stomach.

· Reduces Risk of Cancer: Some studies have shown that mustard oil has a particular type of phytonutrient that fights against Colorectal and Gastrointestinal Cancers.

Reduces Risk of Cardiovascular Disease: A recent comparative study done on varieties of edible oils revealed that mustard oil reduced the risk of Cardio vascular diseases by 70 percent, so mustard oil cuts down the risk of heart diseases if used in moderation by lowering cholesterol levels within the body. · Relieves Cold and Cough: Also mustard oil has proved useful in relieving cold and cough, when applied onto chest or inhaled for its strong aroma, it helps in removing phlegm from the respiratory tract.

Used for Massaging: It gives a good protection against harsh UV rays. That is why mustard oil is used as a famous massaging agent for infants as well as grownups. For infants, it improves weight, length, mid arm and mid leg circumferences. It gives rejuvenation and luster to skin. Mustard oil is a very strong stimulant and mustard oil massage helps stimulate blood circulation to the skin. The oil is warming to the skin and will cause the massaged area to flush pink because of the increased blood flow.

Good for Skin and Hair: This beneficial oil has got high levels of Vitamin E, which helps the skin from ageing and against wrinkles. Also it has been reported that it acts as a sunshield if applied on the skin. Mustard oil is commonly used for massaging the hair scalp as well. Many researches have shown that mustard oil works as a “hair vitalizer” and prevents hair loss and early greying of hairs. · Relieves Joint Pain: It has an added advantage of relieving pain especially in case of Arthritis; it helps in easing joint pain and proves to be an elixir of life to people in this condition



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